Hope (and humor) – In 140 Characters

I love how microblogging encourages people to succinctly express themselves.  I was really glad that so many of my friends took a few minutes to dash-off a thought in Windows Live Messenger or Twitter expressing how they felt about the inauguration of the USA’s 44th President, Barack Obama. 

I’ve compiled some of my favorites below (only including names if the message is public) and I’d encourage you to check-out Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, or your favorite microblogging service to see what your friends had to say on or around Jan. 20th. 

If you find some good ones, please leave a comment.  Thanks–

(Nov. 5th) BarackObama We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks

We are heading into the Inaugural events. They’ve closed the highways so we’re taking the Metro. I expect long lines at the station.

ronsims It is freezing in DC. We went to REI and purchased thermals and good gloves. The Hotties that we bought are great!

martharotter Just one hour until live streaming starts for the inauguration. I’ll be watching here: http://www.pic2009.org/live

Decided I’ve been working hard enough on our product launch in 2 wks that I can spare a day to go to Inauguration!

MITorres People who don’t see today as one of the biggest potential turning points in our history have never seen what a real leader is capable of

Powerful experience watching the Inauguration halfway b/w Capitol and Wash. Monument. Worth the 5 hours trying to get out of the city a

@sarahfelicity unlikely; hope don’t close

There’s gonna be a fog lifting today

kbondelli @sarahkatheryn Historic, historic historic, historic historic historic. Historic. Historic historic; historic. Historic: Take that!

tcani At vandy black student center to watch inaug. Maybe not DC, but still thrilling!

nancyscola Roberts: "Hey, should we do a dry run?" Obama: "Nah, I’m good." Roberts: "Yeah, yeah, me too. Me too."

that obama, he always closes well. you know the end of the speech is coming when the tone shifts to the closure tone.

kbondelli whitehouse.gov is switched over to Obama.

heinsonw Baby got Barak – http://heinson.us/AubreyBar…

Highlight of #innaug09: Just saw W get escorted to marine one on jumbotron then we all waved goodbye as he flew over us

I am indulging the Poly Sci nerd in me. Loved inauguration day!

moniguzman Supposed 2 leave Union Station on a train. Left on a stretcher. 1 of many 2 collapse from exhaustion after inaug. At hospital w/ @jasonp107

mbassik Google Party getting Rick-Rolled! #inauguration

lonseidman The coat check at the ball reminded me of the hong kong subway. Total chaos!!

tcani Man, on top of the rest … America just got way cooler

jantonel Geez how many times does obama really need to be dragged to church?!?! I feel for him.

silbatron Only getting to work today because the president told us to. If he’s not phoning it in after ystrdy’s marathon than I guess I can’t either

lonseidman New blog post: Inaugural Photo Gallery and a few Random Thoughts #inaug09 http://tinyurl.com/92dhd2

2 best memories from yesterday: The African American woman who saw my tears & hugged ME. And, the stories of long travel to be there.

douglasprc Said at dinner: "Seriously – vines move toward the sun faster than I busted a move that night."

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3 Responses to Hope (and humor) – In 140 Characters

  1. Bob says:

    so true, good list…my fav is baby got barak? under 140….ishould have twittered?

  2. Ann says:

    my favorite of the day (from facebook):A: Laura looks relieved to be leavingB: Imagine how she\’d look if she got a divorce?

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