Local (Seattle) Political and Advocacy Groups on Twitter

I’ve noticed an increasing number of local political and advocacy groups are starting to get active on Twitter. 

I’ve blogged in the past about King County Executive, Seattle Mayor, and Seattle City Council candidates that were active, and it’s also great to see grassroots activist organizations reaching-out to their members / fans / constituents:

There are probably some more great organizations that I’m missing; and hopefully organizations that are not currently online with Twitter will soon come online.  As you notice this happening, please leave a comment.  Thanks–
–Rob ( @RobDolin  )

Updated: 2009-07-26: Added CascadeLand, CivicCal, SeaTransitBlog (Thanks @BenSchie), WAIDF (Thanks @Hihankara), and WCVoters

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3 Responses to Local (Seattle) Political and Advocacy Groups on Twitter

  1. Peggy says:

    hi rob i can not get on to my email it is saying it is temperaly disativaded because of violaston of terms and i have tryed to reopen my accuont but i cant can you help email me at roger.bear@hotmail.comthanks

  2. RobMS says:

    Hi Peggy, I recommend trying http://support.live.com/ as a starting point. Thanks.

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