Does politics belong in online reviews?

As I was reviewing a restaurant on Yelp, I got to thinking about factors that affect purchasing decisions.  Of course the quality of the goods, food, or service is a primary factor, but I would guess for many folks, a secondary factor is: Do the values of the retailer or producer align with mine?  For example, I’ve heard people frequenting Molly Moon’s Ice Cream in Seattle because it’s owner is a former progressive political organizer.  Or when I visited the Lake Chelan (WA) Starbucks, they had a board highlighting their community involvement.  Or Seattle Coffee Works and their Obama Blend.  And of couse, we’ve all seen the "Made in USA" labels. 
It seems like businesses have realized that their politics, community involvmenet, and/or supply chain affects consumer purchasing decisions.
If these are factors in consumer purchasing decisions, should they also be included in online reviews?
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4 Responses to Does politics belong in online reviews?

  1. Kevin says:

    Yes. That information is valuable to people who take such things into consideration when choosing where they do business.

  2. Lon says:

    It largely depends on what kind of reviewer you want to be. I am in the top 1,000 of reviewers on Amazon and never let my politics get in the way of my review as the ranking is important to me. I generally stick to the product or service itself and make the personal decision not to purchase (or review) something from a company that I have a disagreement with.

  3. Rob says:

    @Lon and @Kevin. Thank you both for the excellent perspectives.

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