5 Reasons to Connect “Web Activities” in Messenger and Hotmail

I was recently surprised when looking for the Windows Live profiles of some folks who I’ve met through the Activity Streams working group and the Open Web Foundation to find that they had not connected “Web Activities” like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blogs to their Windows Live profile.    Even if your primary computer runs Mac OS or Linux, if you’re sharing content on the web from simple microblogs to rich video, you should add a few Web Activities: http://profile.live.com/WebActivities/.  It’s totally cool if your primary social network is Facebook or MySpace, Fotolog or metroFLOG, adding Web Activities to your Windows Live profile is a great way to share with your friends.

Below, I’ve included screenshots of five great ways that adding Web Activities makes it easy to share what you’re doing across the web with your friends who do use Windows Live.  And there are actually a bunch of them.  Both Hotmail and Messenger have hundreds of millions of monthly unique active users.  Windows Live Hotmail is one of the top email services in the world and same for Windows Live Messenger in IM. 

#5: Hotmail’s Sent Mail Confirmation page

Every time someone with a Hotmail account sends you an email, if you’re “Friends” with them, they will see “What’s New” (similar to Facebook’s “news feed” or MySpace’s “Activities.”) with you on their “Sent Mail Confirmation” page.  I sent an email from my Hotmail account to David Recordon, a board member of the Open Web Foundation from the bay area who uses Gmail and a Mac.  Since David has connected his Twitter microblog and his actual blog (on LiveJournal), I see David’s recent activity when I sent him an email:

That #5, check back at http://blog.robdolin.com/ for more reasons, and of course try it yourself: http://profile.live.com/WebActivities/.  Thanks–

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5 Responses to 5 Reasons to Connect “Web Activities” in Messenger and Hotmail

  1. Greg says:

    Good post, Rob. This is my one pet peeve with the WL Web Activities: you\’re in my network, and I got 4 updates about this blog post (WL, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook). The WL what\’s new feed needs an option to somehow condense similar entries to prevent duplication.

  2. Greg says:

    And then comes the spam… I know you guys add rel="nofollow" to blog comments to prevent search engines from indexing them, but can\’t the fine folks at Windows Live analyze the comments on your end to look for patterns such as (a) comments with multiple links (like more than 3 – 5) and (b) users who keep placing the same repetitious comments on multiple posts, and just disable their accounts. Somebody needs to get this spam nonsense under control.

  3. Unknown says:


  4. Unknown says:

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