Messenger Social Everywhere

As previously announced, the Windows Live Essentials beta will be available later today.  (link

I’m stupendously excited for the public availability of this re-invention of Messenger.  The IM / chat experience continues to evolve to be richer and richer including sharing documents and photos.  And Messenger gets social with the new integration with social sharing activities from Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Pandora, WordPress, Blogger, and more.  Even though Messenger may not be available for download yet (as of 6:00am PDT), you can start connecting social services at  And, I LOVE the new Messenger for iPhone that released a few days ago.  It’s downloadable from the iPhone app store by searching for “Windows Live Messenger.”  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I can take pictures on my iPhone and share these to Facebook, Messenger, MySpace, and Twitter.

As my colleague Ye Gu mentioned, “Don’t have an iPhone?  No worries.”  Fear not Verizon and T-Mobile subscribers, there are ways you can experience Messenger Social too. 

  • Web – Point your web browser to and you’ll see a web-based version of the Messenger Social experience.
  • Mobile web – Point the browser on your blackberry, android, etc. to
  • SMS – Go to to get set-up and then you can send TXT messages to update your Messenger status, read your Hotmail email, check your Windows Live Calendar, and of course catch-up on Messenger Social.


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  2. Pingback: Favorite Past Posts (2009 and 2010) « Rob Dolin's Blog

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