Upgrading our family PC’s

I’ve written in the past about Recommendations for a Clean PC (2008) and What I installed on my home Windows 7 PC (2009.)  However, there is some fabulous new software available so below are my latest recommendations:

  • Windows 7 – The best balance of stability, speed, and usability.  My favorite feature is the <win> + <arrow> that moves a window to the left or right. 
  • Office 2010 (free trial) – I LOVE the way that Outlook merges all emails in a conversation regardless of
  • Windows Live Essentials (free) – Messenger Social is a great way to keep-up with you friends on a variety of social networks including Facebook and MySpace.  Windows Live Sync is a great upgrade for Live Mesh supporting sync’ing files between PC’s, to my SkyDrive, and allowing remote access.
  • IE (free with Win7), Flock (free) – These are my two favorite browsers.  I use IE for productivity but I also like Flock for social browsing with it’s “People pane.”  I have various accounts on various services and I’ve found the easiest way to manage these is to have a different browser for each account.  My personal favorites are IE and Flock, but they all install rather quickly and it makes knowing what is signed-in as RobDolin vs. TessPhotos is very helpful.
  • TweetDeck (free) – If I’m at a conference and want to follow a few threads of conversation at once, this multi-column social media monitor is a great tool. 

Being an amateur web developer, I also have a few tools I recommend:

  • Expression Web 4 (free trial) – This is my tool of choice for editing HTML as well as viewing XML.  It’s quick, convenient, and has great visual editing and preview features
  • Visual Web Dev 2010 (free) – This is my favorite tool for editing ASP.net / C# files.  Intellisense makes it massively easy to remember function or method names and to not typo variable names. 
  • Fiddler (free) – Kudos to Eric Lawrence for this excellent HTTP traffic watching tool. 

Thanks very much for reading.  I hope you find all of the recommendations to be useful for you.  Take care–
Rob Dolin

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