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Is Google (Blogger) deleting the blog posts of its users?

I just saw this story (courtest of Social Median) and I’m wondering what’s up?   from:  There is a nervous chill going through the music industry bloggers corner of the larger blogosphere and it has to do with posts … Continue reading

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Added Twitter and StumbleUpon to Buzz Monitoring Tool

It’s been a while since I last updated the Buzz Monitoring Tool I wrote almost two years ago and with the emergence of microblogging and more social bookmarking sites, I decided it was time to make some additions.  I’ve now … Continue reading

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Smirnoff’s viral preppies

I’ve gotta give kudos to Smirnoff’s marketing team for doing 3.1M page view (PV’s) with their viral video. For a comparison, ParkRidge47’s "Vote Different" mashup of the 1984 Mac commercial promoting Barack Obama also has 3.4M PV’s. Quoted from Andrea’s Shoe Closet:  … Continue reading

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NetRoots activists making Net Neutrality important for 2008

The Washington Post covers NetRoots activists pushing for Net Neutrality: Armed with massive e-mail lists and high-speed networks, these activists are bypassing the familiar campaign tactics of door-knocking and phone-banking. They are also using their new-age technologies for an old-fashioned … Continue reading

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Talking about Super bowl spend

Marty Collins has a great blog entry about how marketers are leveraging super bowl ad spend through viral campaigns: Quoted from Super bowl spend It looks like marketers are getting smarter about leveraging the ridiculous amount of money they spend … Continue reading

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Going to MSM when big news breaks

According to the folks at Lexis Nexis, people skip the blogosphere for big news and instead go to the mainstream media. I’m guessing that this may be due to the ability of folks who get paid to cover major news faster … Continue reading

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Buzz Monitoring Tool

It has become an almost daily ritual for me to check Technorati, Google News, and Live QnA for news of Windows Live Spaces and other topics that I care about.  I decided to build a web page that made all … Continue reading

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