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Twitter Search Result for Windows Live ?

Sometimes people take their holiday decorations a bit too far: autumnsflame: Why the f… is the church next door doing a live nativity scene with goats instead of sheep? And why is the music so loud my windows shake? Advertisements

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Hams for Hanukkah???

It’s a bit like a Yom Kippur Breakfast 😉  Grocery gaffe: hams for Hanukkah – Faith-

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Instant Messenger Love Story and Helio Social

I’m guessing there are a ton of people in their 20’s and early 30’s out there for whom this is really familiar (except hopefully for the last part.)    I also came across a pretty entertaining insert in this … Continue reading

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How not to use PowerPoint

Courtesy of my former colleague, Matt, from the Microsoft Office Publisher team:

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Facebook + eHarmony = It’s Complicated :)

If you’re familiar with Facebook’s relationship statuses and have seen an eHarmony commercial, this user-created video is wicked funny:   It’s also great to see UGC / UCC (User Generated Content / User Created Content) getting picked-up by … Continue reading

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Principles of Economics

This is a very funny take on Mankiew’s 10 principles of economics courtesy of Seattle’s own Yoram Bauman, Stand-up Economist: Yoram performs on Tuesdays at the Comedy Underground with a troup that puts-on Non-Profit Comedy. 

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Recovering Frat Boy and New Risk Management Policy

In the most perfect ironic juxtaposition, I recieved two emails this morning related to my participation in the Greek system.   Aaron Karo, a stand-up comic whose "Ruminations" column I have been reading since we were both seniors in college … Continue reading

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