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What makes an exceptional [non-profit] board member

Criteria found based on a survey of over 2,000 people may be suprising to some: The majority of chief executives say commitment to mission is one of the top criteria they use when selecting board members. In BoardSource’s Nonprofit Governance … Continue reading

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Basic email listserv infrastructure for a non-profit

Yesterday evening, my colleague Bob was explaining some of the challenges around technology he was seeing at a non-profit he is considering volunteering with.  He was talking about how many email lists or "listservs" the group had.  I was quick to … Continue reading

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More active online groups grow while less active groups actually shrink

This morning, I decided to compare the sizes of nine YahooGroups for caucuses of the Young Democrats of America with their message traffic.  I expected some correlation, but I was suprised to find a rather strong correlation between traffic and … Continue reading

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