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How to add Bing to the Opera web browser

Bing is my preferred search engine, but working on web development, I usually install many browsers on a given machine.  (IE8 and Flock are my current favorites.)  So, this morning, I tried to add Bing to a new install of … Continue reading

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Choosing a text search engine for the pictures

At a friend’s birthday party a few days ago, a (non-engineer) was telling me why he chose Bing over Google for web search: The pictures.   He really liked the pictures that show-up every day when you go to Continue reading

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Does the Associated Press (AP) not understand Page Rank?

BetaNews reported that the Associated Press is going to start attempting to charge bloggers for excerpting their articles.  IMHO, this move exposes either massive ignorance about both Search engines (particularly page rank algorithms) or a business model inconsistent with their … Continue reading

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Live Search MetaKeywords and

Back in October 2006, I wrote a blog entry about how the MetaKeywords functionality from Live Search can be used to filter a people search query on Windows Live.  IMHO, support for these MetaKeywords is one of the coolest features of … Continue reading

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SEO Tip: Add you (real) Friends on WL Spaces for more search coverage

I was looking at data of what impacts indexing of Spaces page by Live Search (since they have a nice API) and it looks like the strongest correlation (among a statistically insignificant limited sample) 🙂 is number of friends: As … Continue reading

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A few random ideas on

As some readers know, I play around with MashUp ideas on  I recently posted a few new "ruminations" and I’d appreciate feedback: Resizing Search Results The concept I’ve tried to illustrate here is showing more (or less) information and … Continue reading

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For the last few months, I’ve been attending Search MashUp days.  These are approximately monthly get togethers where a bunch of folks gather and build Mash-ups.  Jon Pincus is a driving force behind organizing these events but they only could … Continue reading

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