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Welcome to “Rob Dolin’s Space”

Welcome to “Rob Dolin’s Space.”  This is an archive of content that originally appeared on the MSN Spaces page that I started in March of 2006 when I joined the MSN Spaces team. You can find my latest blog by visiting … Continue reading

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Magic Software Works With Drupal

My partner, H is the Chair of a volunteer organization that maintains a relatively active website and she is often called-upon to post meeting agendas or other announcements.  I set-up the organization with a Windows Live Spaces blog as their … Continue reading

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What I installed on my home Windows 7 PC

As someone who works in the software industry (see disclaimer), I often get asked questions like "Do you recommend Windows 7" (Heck YES!) or "What is your favorite web browser?" (tie: IE8 and Flock.)  One of the things I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Introduction to GroupTweet

I’m helping a few non-profits set-up Twitter account that multiple people can post to and we’ve been using GroupTweet so I decided to post a basic overview as more folks start using this:   Exec. Summary: When the group account … Continue reading

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Three Screens and a Cloud should be Five Screens and a Cloud

I’ve been hearing a bunch of people mention "three screens and a cloud" in reference to having experiences for PC, mobile, and TV and I’ve been thinking about how this should really potentially be "five screens and a cloud."  My … Continue reading

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Windows Live Embraces the Activity Streams Open Standard

On Thursday, I posted on the Windows Live team blog about Activity Streams as an enabling technology for users to share activities between services like Facebook and Windows Live.  My post got picked-up by the Port 25 blog which is … Continue reading

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Firefox: Well, this is embarrassing.

I got the below error when Firefox could not restore a previous browsing session that I had.  I appreciate the friendly and apologetic tone of the message:

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